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Marla Maples, 56, details her morning supplement routine

Marla Maples, 56, details her morning supplement routine packed with zinc, vitamin C, and collagen as she urges people to 'build your immune system' amid the coronavirus pandemic

Evaluation of a dietary supplement (Living Silica® Collagen Booster) on joint pain with the addition of a gel

Silicium Laboratories LLC sponsored an independent study in 2012 consisting of examining the effects of consuming Living Silica® Collagen Booster liquid, and topically applyingr .... aged 50 years and older who were experiencing various degrees of osteoarthritis. The results are shown below in the chart below.

Help fight the good fight against COVID-19 with Silicium Laboratories Hobo Bag Is Nigh

“Help fight the good fight against COVID-19 with Silicium Laboratories Gel Pack Donations.” As Emergency Medical Professionals work tirelessly to help suffering Covid-19 patients, they expose

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Loïc Le Ribault was a French geologist and one of the pioneer users in France of the Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM). In 1970 he invented a method called 'exoscopy', now used throughout the world, by which the geological history of...


Organic silicon has been linked to positive effects on the skin rejuvenation, mainly by the oral route. Thus, the main objective of the present study was to assess whether monomethylsilanetriol….

Living Silica® effects in collagen production

IEC Espagne Institute of Spanish Clinical Expertise Study of product effects on the production of collagen neo-synthesis in human fibroblasts. Report: In Vitro Clinical Study At the request of the INSTITUT D’EXPERTISE CLINIQUE – ESPAGNE...

Living Silica® effects on the bone mineralization

Evaluation of Living Silica® on Bone Health fibroblasts, Osteoblasts and MG-63 Cell Line. Performed at the Technology Centre for Nutrition and Health Survey How organic silica can help your bone health?