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Anthony Williams


LIVING SILICA™ as found in ORGONO® G5 Siliplant is one of the best forms of supplemental silica. It can be helpful for bone, skin, hair, teeth, tendon, ligament, and connective tissues. The body easily absorbs LIVING SILICA™.

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Matt Monarch

100% Raw Food Author & Educator

Matt Monarch has been at the forefront of the Raw Foods Movement for over 18 years. He has dedicated his life to sourcing the highest quality Raw Foods and Superfoods on the planet! Matt has promoted the Benefits of LIVING SILICA™ in many of his videos.


Holistic Health Coach. SPEAKER

Health Coach Jill Anenberg Lawrence has a wellness gem to share! If only there were a secret elixir that could make your hair and nails grow, complexion radiate and maintain bone health like a boss. Oh, there is! Silica is an incredible mineral that impacts so many systems in our bodies. Silica is a vegan collagen boosting formula that supercharges your health and restores lost collagen. Orgono tastes like slightly sweetened water. I take a TBS and genuinely love the taste and benefits.

David Wolfe

Genuine #1 celebrity and pioneer of the Raw Food, Superfoods, and Longevity Universe

David Wolfe has recommended our silica in a number of his books, notably, Eating for Beauty and Longevity Now. Our products are featured in David’s webcasts and live seminars with approximately 2750 events since inception.

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Valeria Hinojosa


“Let’s talk collagen, shall we? Finding a healthy, natural and plant-based collagen supplement has been difficult for me. As you may already know, most collagen products have animal by products as their ingredients and involve unnatural production processes. And then, a month ago, I found ORGONO® LIVING SILICA™.

Before saying yes to partnering with them, I decided to try their “LIVING SILICA™” supplement for myself. And… WOW! What a difference, guys!

My nails got stronger in a matter of 2 weeks, my hair got shinier, and my skin got even more radiant! So.. what is this LIVING SILICA™ exactly? In plain English, silica is the second most abundant natural and mineral element on our planet. It can be found in stones and quartz. (Yes, crystals!) The difference between ORGONO® LIVING SILICA™ and other products in the market hides in the extraction process. ORGONO® uses a natural process that dilutes the silica rather than pulverizing it as most brands do. In this manner, we- the holistic consumers- get to have it at home in liquid and living form. Why is this important for our health? Well, ORGONO® LIVING SILICA™ is a natural and vegan substitute for those not-so-natural collagen products we see in the market. It also removes toxins, aids digestion, acts as an anti-inflammatory, improves circulation, helps strengthen bones, balances your hormones, gets rid of acne and many more health benefits that will leave you in awe. All while helping us in an Ayurveda way!”

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