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The respiratory systems bring life to our bodies. Silica supplements can help us take care of these systems. Lung damage, particularly in smokers is a very serious condition. The use of silica supplements can help alleviate this problem by helping in the repair of lung tissues. Other benefits of silica include restoring elasticity to lung tissue and the upper respiratory tract.

Restores Mucosa: The health benefits of silicon include the restoration of mucosa of the respiratory tract if the body is suffering from dehydration. Silica tones the top of the respiratory system (nose, pharynx, and larynx) and reduces swelling due to its positive action over the lymphatic system.
Elastic fibers: as its name says, they can stretch to several times their size and quickly return to their initial dimension. These types of fibers give electricity and extensibility to the tissues. This is vital in the tissues that must be extended and contracted to fulfill their functions such as the great arteries. Elastic fibers consist mainly of a protein called elastin. Elastin unlike collagen and the fundamental substance is insoluble.

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