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The Research Behind Living Silica


This article highlights some of the research funded by Silicium Laboratories, including the effects of Living Silica on joint pain, signs of aging, and collagen production. With a focus on benefiting as many people as possible, Living Silica invites readers to explore their range of products and learn more about their ongoing research.

At Living Silica, we place the utmost importance on staying up-to-date with research. We do all our studies through Silicium Laboratories: The Silica Company, by devoting profits towards exploring the potential of Silica. In the last 20 years, Living Silica has allocated almost $ 2 million (about 15% of proceeds) to continual testing and development.

"In the last 20 years, Living Silica has allocated almost $2 million (about 15% of proceeds) to continual research and development."

Now, let’s talk about some of the research that it funds:

Firstly, Silicium Laboratories wanted to test the effects of Living Silica on joint pain. The study found that joint pain decreased in 77% of participants after 6 weeks of drinking Living Silica® combined with daily use of Living Silica Gel. 

Living Silica’s impact on the signs of aging for 150 women aged 40 to 60 was tested next. One long-time customer survey found that Living Silica immensely benefits hair and skin—mainly in hydration. It also helped to reduce dark circles on the skin and increased hair luminosity.

Lastly, Silicium Laboratories wanted to evaluate Living Silica’s effects on the production of collagen in the short term. The lab evaluated the production of collagen using 200mg/litre, 1000mg/litre and 2000mg/litre samples and the results indicated that collagen production was activated within 24 hours after treatment commenced, compared with the control cells (collagen productions cells). When long-term tests were done, a comparison of the collagenic and non-collagenic proteins showed a significant increase of 12% for all the doses tested.

Through this commitment to ongoing research, we at Living Silica stay on top of the product we give to our customers. It is our mission to benefit as many people across the globe as we possibly can, whilst we continue to grow.

If you’d like to read more about the research held by Silicium Laboratories, head over to https://livingsilica.com/scientific-studies-2/

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