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Choosing the Right Silica Supplements

Choosing the Right Silica Supplements

Plant-Based vs. Mineral-Based Formulas.

Exploring different silicon supplements can be challenging. With numerous forms and formulations available, it can be difficult to discern which one will provide the greatest benefits. In this article, we’ll explore the differences between these two formulations and the meticulous manufacturing processes that make LIVING SILICA stand out in the world of silica supplements.  

Understanding Silica Supplements.

Silica is an essential trace mineral that our bodies need for various functions, and it’s often referred to as “nature’s beauty mineral.” It’s a key component of collagen, the protein that gives your skin its youthful elasticity and strength, your hair its luster, and your nails their hardness. As we age, our natural silica levels can decrease, leading to visible signs of aging and weakened joints.  LIVING SILICA offers a range of clinically proven supplements designed to boost collagen naturally. Their formulas are available in both plant-based and mineral-based options, catering to a diverse audience. What sets LIVING SILICA apart from the competition is its commitment to science and superior absorption rates. Here’s what makes them stand out: 
  • Greater Absorption: LIVING SILICA provides a greater absorption than other forms of silica. This means your body can quickly absorb the exact amount of nutrients it needs to thrive. LIVING SILICA is the only form of silica that includes a compound that contains enhanced OSA, which undergoes methylation for improved absorption. Within the body, the methylated OSA is enzymatically converted into a more potent and bioactive form. This advancement enhances the product’s effectiveness. LIVING SILICA is fully utilized by the body which is crucial when choosing silica supplements because when you absorb more silica into your body, you’re able to generate more collagen. 

  • Optimum Concentration: With proven results backed by customer testimonials and independent clinical studies over the course of three decades, LIVING SILICA stands out as a premier ultra-bioactive collagen builder, recommended worldwide by doctors and health experts. 
  • Clinically Studied: LIVING SILICA is a clinically proven supplement designed to boost the power of your own collagen with the best form of supplemental silicon. Independent scientific studies have demonstrated that our patented formulation offers clinically proven results in supporting skin, hair, nails, as well as bones and joints. 
If you’re interested in learning more about the scientific studies behind LIVING SILICA, we’ve conducted various research studies. You can find detailed information on our patented and clinically proven formula on our website’s landing page: Scientific Studies.

The Benefits of Mineral & Plant-Based Formulas

Consuming silica daily supports your body’s natural collagen synthesis to: 
  • BOOSTS COLLAGEN PRODUCTION: for stronger connective tissues, improved joint and bone health, enhanced digestion, and natural detoxification. 
  • PROMOTES BONE MINERALIZATION: this means stronger, more flexible bones, helping them “bend” more easily rather than break. 
  • IMPROVES HAIR, SKIN & NAIL HEALTH: silica helps strengthen your hair, skin, and nails, while helping to hydrate, brighten and soften your skin.  
  • STIMULATES METABOLISM: silica helps your body absorb nutrients, which boosts your overall metabolism and can help you maintain a healthy weight. 
  • SUPPORTS TOTAL BODY HEALTH: from your brain to your immune system, every cell of your body can benefit from silica! 
  • SUPPORTS YOUR BODY´S NATURAL DETOXIFICATION:  Silica is known to support the body’s natural detoxification processes and can play an important role in the removal of aluminum and other heavy metals from the body.
What's the Difference Between LIVING SILICA Plant-Based and Mineral-Based Formulas?

LIVING SILICA Mineral and Plant-Based Collagen Boosters are both formulated with the safest and highest bioavailable form of silica. 
The main difference is that the Plant-Based formula is crafted with the enriching properties of the horsetail plant, known for its high silica content, and Rosemary leaves, which act as a natural preservative.  
The Mineral-Based Collagen Booster is formulated with silica and reverse osmosis water, providing pure, filtered water free of impurities. 
The Plant-Based Collagen Booster is formulated with silica, reverse osmosis water, and the addition of horsetail and Rosemary leaves, making it an option for users who want a formula enhanced by the power of plants enriched with silica. Designed for people who favor plant-based options.  
For those already familiar with Orgono – G5 Siliplant, the Plant-Based version represents the latest iteration of the same trusted formula. It’s essentially the same product but with a fresh new look and feel.  Whether you choose LIVING SILICA Mineral or Plant-Based Collagen Boosters, you will experience the same benefits.

LIVING SILICA: Sourcing and Manufacturing Exellence

The Making of LIVING SILICA: Sourcing and Manufacturing Excellence
At LIVING SILICA, we take pride in delivering silica supplements of the highest quality, and it all begins with our meticulous approach to sourcing and manufacturing. In this section, we’ll delve into the journey of our raw materials and the exceptional processes that make our products stand out in the world of silica supplements. Sourcing Raw Materials
Our raw materials are carefully selected from mineral and plant extracts of different origins, each representing a piece of the history of Silicium Laboratories. Here are the main ingredients that form the foundation of our products: 
  • Quartz Mineral Extract: At the heart of our mineral-based silica supplements lies our quartz mineral extract. Years of research and continuous improvement have led us to a proprietary process. This quartz extract is globally recognized as the most trusted and reliable source of silica for manufacturers of consumer products.
  •  Silica Plant Extract: Our plant-based silica supplements begin with raw materials like nettle, bamboo, or horsetail. Through a meticulous extraction and purification process, silica is isolated and recovered in its purest natural form, forming the basis of our plant-based products. 
Our Unique Manufacturing Process  Our commitment to quality extends to our manufacturing process, which is comprised of three crucial steps: 
  • Formulation: Building upon Le Ribault’s original molecule formulation, we have developed an improved world-class process to obtain the purest, safest, and most consistently high-quality silica in the world. This process has been recognized by chemical engineers and industry experts as superior. 
  • Laboratory Manufacturing: LIVING SILICA is manufactured in a dedicated, single-purpose facility. Our unique process allows us to stabilize the most effective, bioavailable, and high-quality vegan collagen supplement in the market. We avoid radiation sanitizing methods and instead employ high-pressure processing technology (HPP) to guarantee safety and purity.
  • Quality Control: Each batch undergoes thorough inspection to test efficacy and microbial limits, ensuring compliance with specifications and FDA Food Supplements cGMP regulations. In fact, LIVING SILICA is Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) for use in food and beverages by the FDA, providing assurance of its safety, purity, and effectiveness. 
LIVING SILICA’s manufacturing process is a meticulous step procedure that ensures quality and effectiveness. To delve deeper into the details of our manufacturing process, please visit: Manufacturing Processes

In conclusion, the choice between LIVING SILICA Mineral and Plant-Based Collagen Boosters ultimately comes down to your personal preference, as both formulations harness the power of the most bioavailable silica sourced from quartz extract. What truly sets LIVING SILICA apart is our unwavering commitment to science, superior absorption rates, and a legacy of three decades of proven results. 

Our meticulously crafted formulas, backed by clinical studies and endorsed by health experts worldwide, are designed to boost collagen naturally and offer a myriad of benefits, from helping strength connective tissues, to enhancing the vitality of your hair, skin, and nails. Silica’s influence extends further, stimulating metabolism, supporting overall body health, and even aiding in natural detoxification processes. 

In choosing LIVING SILICA, you’re not only choosing a superior silica supplement but a trusted partner on your wellness journey. Our dedication to delivering exceptional products that enhance your well-being is at the core of everything we do.  

*Disclaimer: The statements in this article have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Silica supplements are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please consult with your healthcare professional before adding any new supplements to your routine. 
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