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Discover our Mineral & Plant- Alternatives to Collagen - Living Silica

Discover our Mineral & Plant- Alternatives to Collagen

Dare to Go Beyond Collagen!

You may have noticed that when it comes to health and beauty, collagen is one of the key buzzwords of the moment. 

However, your knowledge might only extend as far as understanding its importance for maintaining healthy joints and bones, as well as promoting good skin, hair, and nails. 

For those who are vegan, it’s crucial to distinguish between collagen-containing animal derivatives and vegan collagen alternatives. 

    Collagen Supplements

    Most collagen is naturally sourced from the bones and connective tissues of fish and animals, which presents a challenge for vegans and vegetarians seeking to incorporate it into their diets and supplements. 

    Furthermore, there's a growing demand for sustainable, environmentally friendly, and cruelty-free collagen alternatives that do not rely on the typical bovine or marine sources found in most supplements. 

    Collagen supplements often garner attention for their purported benefits. However, it's important to note that the effectiveness of collagen ingestion can be influenced by various factors, including an individual's overall nutrient status. 

    When ingesting animal collagen, it does not necessarily become collagen in the body. The broken-down amino acids may instead form entirely different proteins based on the body's protein needs. Additionally, the hydrolyzed collagen peptides cannot self-assemble into collagen molecules without specific enzymes and other proteins being activated. This process requires specific nutrients such as silica or Vitamin C to enable collagen synthesis and maintain its stability in the skin. 

    These essential vitamins and trace minerals can be obtained from whole foods and natural sources. 

      So, what are the alternatives to traditional collagen supplements?

      Through over 30 years of research, LIVING SILICA has developed two different silica-based formulas that are now considered best-selling products in the category of silica-based formulations. 

      LIVING SILICA offers a Mineral-Based Collagen Booster formula, extracted from quartz, and a Plant-Based Collagen Booster formula, developed with Horsetail & Rosemary leaves, providing a plant-based alternative to collagen. 

      Both formulas are recognized as the most effective forms of silica on the market, thanks to our proprietary process known as Heritage Concentrate. This groundbreaking research has revolutionized the understanding of silica's potential. 

      With proven clinical results and extensive scientific backing, our proprietary formulation process, Heritage Concentrate™, sets LIVING SILICA apart from other vegan and silica-based supplements. 

      LIVING SILICA is a scientifically-backed supplement and is the only form of silica that includes a compound containing enhanced OSA, which undergoes methylation for improved absorption. 

      Within the body, methylated OSA is enzymatically converted into a more potent and bioactive form, enhancing the product's effectiveness and ensuring optimal health benefits. 

      If you haven't tried them yet, now may be the time to explore our formulas.

      Health experts from various countries have tested our formulas and found them to be highly effective, often recommending them as top products for supporting beauty and health benefits. 

      Check out our best-selling products and try it

      How Long Until I See Results? 

      We recommend following the 90-day Protocol designed by our founder, Loic Le Ribault. 

      Dosage Guide: 

      For the first 30 days, we recommend an intensive approach: Take 60 mL per day, divided into two shots of 30 mL each, to be taken 15 minutes before each meal. Holding the product under the tongue for a minute or two can enhance absorption. 

      For the next 60 days, and beyond, we suggest maintaining consistency: Take 30 mL per day, 15 minutes before a meal. 

      *Holding the product under the tongue for a minute or two can enhance absorption. 

      Dare to go beyond collagen and discover the most effective collagen booster formulas to maximize your everyday well-being! 

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