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The Most Trusted Vegan Plant-Based Collagen Booster

The Most Trusted Vegan Plant-Based Collagen Booster

Step into the world of LIVING SILICA’s Plant-Based Collagen Booster, born from the unmatched expertise of leading scientists in the field of silica. It is trusted by the most respected alternative medicine advocates, and it has earned its place as the ultimate choice for individuals seeking a vegan alternative to traditional collagen supplements.


The Most Trusted Vegan Plant-Based Collagen Booster

With a powerful blend of silica derived from carefully selected organic horsetail (Equisetum arvense) and rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis). Horsetail is carefully harvested during the spring season, when its silicon content reaches its peak, ensuring optimal concentration. LIVING SILICA Plant-Based Collagen Booster is designed to promote the healthy production of your own collagen and maintain the strength and flexibility of connective tissues.   In this article, we will explore the remarkable benefits of incorporating LIVING SILICA Plant-Based Collagen Booster into your daily routine.


The LIVING SILICA formula, created by Silicium Laboratories, is supported by the scientific research of Sc.D. Loïc Le Ribault, renowned for achieving an unprecedented reputation after a 30-year career on studying and developing bioactive silica molecules.  The LIVING SILICA Plant-Based Collagen Booster is the updated and improved version of Sc. D. Loïc Le Ribault’s Siliplant, a pure plant silica extract, with an absorption rate of up to ten times higher than non-standardized plant-based forms of silica.  Click here to visit our website and explore the detailed clinical research and evidence that support LIVING SILICA’s effects.


Sourced from natural horsetail, our proprietary production process uses silica from the plant-rich extracts to elaborate LIVING SILICA Plant-Based Collagen Booster. Whether a silica supplement is effective or not depends on the size of the particle. Research has shown that LIVING SILICA unique formulation offers an absorption rate 3.75 times higher than other supplemental forms of silica, making it at least 4 times more effective in replenishing your body’s silica levels. Remember, absorption is key! With LIVING SILICA supplements, your body can efficiently absorb and utilize this essential nutrient, maximizing its potential benefits for your overall well-being. 


LIVING SILICA’s raw materials are sourced from mineral and plant extracts of different origins, including quartz, nettle, bamboo, and horsetail. LIVING SILICA Plant-Based Collagen Booster’s main component is silica, which undergoes purification and stabilization to deliver unprecedented absorption.

  • ULTRA BIOACTIVE SILICON: The Living Silica formula is a proprietary stabilized blend of Silicon extracted from horsetail. The Heritage Concentrate process was designed to extract and concentrate the bioactive silicon naturally present in horsetail to unlock its full potential. 

  • HORSETAIL: Horsetail, one of our plant-based sources of raw silica containing silicic acid, is extracted using a water-based method like making tea, wherein the heat eliminates thiaminase enzymes, ensuring the complete safety of the material used in our LIVING SILICA Plant-Based product. 

  • ROSEMARY LEAVES: Rosemary leaves are used as a natural preservative. 

  • REVERSE OSMOSIS WATER: Reverse osmosis water is filtered and pure water free of impurities. 
To learn more about LIVING SILICA Plant-Based Ingredientes click here


Incorporating the LIVING SILICA Plant-Based Collagen Booster into your daily routine can bring remarkable benefits. LIVING SILICA supports the well-being of your joints and bones, promoting their flexibility and mobility for an active lifestyle. It stimulates the body’s natural collagen production, contributing to the health and strength of connective tissues, and it supports healthy skin, hair, and nails, promoting their vitality and radiance.

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