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Silica: A Foundational Mineral for Good Health by Dr. Kimberly Spair

Silica: A Foundational Mineral for Good Health by Dr. Kimberly Spair

Dr. Kimberly Spair, a renowned holistic wellness expert, emphasizes the importance of adding silica, a foundational mineral, to promote good health, especially during postpartum stages. 

Silica, a foundational mineral

Dr. Kimberly Spair holds a PhD in Holistic Health and Nutrition, with focus on the science of disease, toxicology, and epigenetics. She is also a licensed speech pathologist and feeding specialist. Kimberly has dedicated her career to supporting and empowering women, mothers, and children as they reclaim their health and vitality using food as medicine in a world that does not always align with these intentions.

In a recently written article called “Silica: A Foundational Mineral for Good Health”, she highlights the significance of silica supplementation for women who have recently given birth and are in postpartum recovery:

“Silica can be very helpful in tightening loose skin, strengthening a weak pelvic floor, recovering from vaginal birth, c-section, and diastasis recti, among other benefits.”

As posted in our latest blog posts, silica plays a key role in maintaining overall health. Optimal levels of silica offer various benefits, such as:

  • Supporting healthy joint, muscle, and bone health 
  • Assisting with muscle recovery 
  • Boosting energy levels 
  • Increasing mobility, flexibility, and elasticity 
  • Promoting and maintaining the longevity of a healthy life 
  • Improving the condition of hair, nails, and skin.

Dr. Kimberly Spair sheds light on the importance of considering this foundational mineral to promote overall health. 

If you’re interested in learning about the beneficial properties of silica and other related topics about women’s health, healing processes with diets and supplementation, and more, we invite you to read the complete article on her blog.

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