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“LIVING SILICA® as found in ORGONO® G5 Siliplant is one of the best forms of supplemental silica. It can be helpful for supporting and then maintaining healthy bone, skin, hair, teeth, tendon, ligament, and connective tissues.* The body easily absorbs LIVING SILICA®.“



Genuine #1 celebrity and pioneer of the raw food, superfoods, and longevity universe

David Wolfe has recommended our silica in a number of his books, notably, Eating for Beauty and Longevity Now. Our Products Are Featured In David’s Webcasts And Live Seminars With Approximately 2750 Events Since Inception.



Holistic Health + Nutrition For Moms, Women, Families

Kimberly has dedicated her career to supporting and empowering women, families, and mothers by helping them regain their health and vitality through nutrition, herbs, and soul healing practices.




“Let’s talk collagen, shall we? Finding a healthy, natural and plant-based collagen supplement has been difficult for me. As you may already know, most collagen products have animal by products as their ingredients and involve unnatural production processes. And then, a month ago, I found LIVING SILICA®.“



Holistic Health Coach. Speaker

Health Coach Jill Anenberg Lawrence has a wellness gem to share! ! Silica is an incredible mineral that impacts so many systems in our bodies. Silica is a vegan collagen boosting formula that supercharges your health. LIVING SILICA® tastes like slightly sweetened water. I take a TBS and genuinely love the taste and benefits”.